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From The Desk Of Director

Dear Friends,

Legal education has ceased to be a mere classroom teaching learning process. It has acquired a new meaning in the form of fruitful exchange of legal knowledge and lending a new meaning to one's own being in this world.

Here, at CICL, students are not only made legal experts through quality teaching of law, but also transformed into good human beings with social and moral values to relentlessly fight for the rights of downtrodden and underprivileged sections of the society. The greatest strength of guardian of justice is not only with his knowledge of law, but his high character and dedication for doing justice. It is the faith and confidence of the people in them and the judiciary, which is a precious asset of the nation.

It is not just marvellous eloquence in advocacy that our college aims at but also at producing legal scholars who become instrumental in social change, regarding the profession as lawyers, it may be stated that during middle ages lawyers were the defenders of rising middle class. During Edward Coke's time the Common Law was above the Parliament and the King. However, in modern times, the lawyers are identified with the interest of financial and industrial wealth. They demonstrate the contradictions which cannot merely be portrayed as technical, but which are endemic and fundamental- ideological contradictions between perceived symbols, values and the ideals of law and the impossibility of their fulfillment.

Regarding the career options available in the field of law, traditionally the career options in law field were only confined to becoming lawyers, judges, public prosecutors and law reporters, but now the time has changed with many new avenues in the offing and there is an increasing demand for legal expertise in every sector, be it NGOs or Corporate. With the advent of privatization, globalization and economic liberalization, a slew of new job opportunities are available for fresh law graduates with compliance departments becoming a regular feature in the corporate sector. In the recent study, conducted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, it is observed that there is a shortage of regulatory and legal experts to the tune of 22 per cent. This will definitely open more opportunities in the industry for law experts. In recent times, the legal business outsourcing has come to India and in the next ten years, it is expected that more than one lakh jobs will be generated to accommodate law graduates.

Lawyer from India can also enroll as a solicitor after he passes the qualified lawyers transfer test, and then can serve in any Common Wealth countries. Our past history gives us some good and some bad experiences and we have to eliminate what is bad and strengthen what is good. Students must learn to discriminate between these two aspects of their national heritage. They should also identify themselves with the changes that are taking place and give the process of change a further heave. They will not do so by just adopting a profession, not even by excelling in it. They will be able to do so if they decide to shake a part, in Whiteman's phrase "the hunger of heart and the famine of the brain".

With warm regards,

Yours fraternally,

Dr. S.M. Rajan



The Central India College of Law has been granted an approval of affiliation by Bar Council of India, New Delhi for imparting LL.B. (3 yrs) as well as B.A.LL.B. (5 yrs.) course from the academic session 2006-07 onwards.



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